Soba Noodles Restaurant“YAMASOBA”Close to Hakone Yumoto Station

YAMASOBA,Home-Grown Ingredients Only

Just 2 minutes walk from Hakone Yumoto station, YAMASOBA offers you Japanese soba(blackwheat) noodles, wheat noodles, rice bowl dishes, Tempura(fritter), snacks and some drinks.
Tororo Soba(soba with grated yam) is our recommended one, however if you are allergic to yam or wheat, please don’t take it.

*Please choose hot(Attakai) or cold(Tsumetai) one.
*All prices include tax.


Other Popular Menu Rice Bowl Dishes

Tendon is other popular menu at YAMASOBA.
The crispy fried shrimp and vegetable Tempura,on the rice from Uonuma(most famous region for Koshihikari rice in Japan).
In perfect harmony with the secret sauce, please enjoy it.

*All prices include tax.

Restaurant Information

Address Yumoto 704, Hakone-Machi, Ashigara-Shimogun, Kanagawa 250-0311 JAPAN
Phone Number 0460-85-7889(Japanese Only)
Open 11:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.
Close Thursdays(Not including national holidays)
Access 2 minutes walk from Hakone Yumoto station